Cast of Characters: Main Characters

Valaryn Shadesorrow


Main Character

Background: Valaryn was a Ranger before the Scourge came. Killed in battle, she was later raised into undeath by the Lich King. Over the course of many years, she climbed the ranks and became Arthas’ most prized assassin. When Arthas’ hold on her mind loosened, she broke free, and escaped into the frozen wastes. She will do anything to take her revenge on the Lich King, for all that he has done to her and her people.

Rivena Dewsong


Major Character

Background: As a child, Rivena was gifted with a great deal of magical ability. She grew up studying the ways of the mage, and one day hoped to join the Kirin Tor. However, after Arthas’ invasion of Quel’thalas, Rivena could no longer sense the arcane. She turned from the path of the mage to that of the warlock. Since then, she has defended Quel’thalas through the fel magic she now wields.


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