Main Characters

Name: Nenunial

RP Name: Nenunial Duskbringer

Realm: Alleria

Guild: Almighty

Hearthstone set to: Dalaran

Likes: Killing critters, long walks along Stranglethorn beaches, and occasionally ganking a ganker.

PC History: I started the character once I had dinged lv. 55 on my hunter. I found the entire death knight experience so cool, that Nenunial is now my main character. I leveled up in Outland with various friends, until I met up with Raven and Rhyzard. We conquered dungeons, kicked boss butt, and took names. With all the experiance points earned from this, we set off to conquer Northrend, and have been great buddies ever since.


Name: Reinata

RP Name: Reinata Ashmane

Realm: Alleria

Guild: almighty

Hearthstone set to: Shattrath

Likes: My pet, Frostclaw!

PC History: Reinata is my first character. Her entire experience in WoW has been mostly due to help from others. Like any other newb, I had no idea what I was doing. Though, unlike many others, I found myself surrounded by tons of helpful people, who went out of their way to help me. I cannot thank you guys enough. Some say WoW is a antisocial game. In some aspects, I would have to agree. But, after being helped by so many people, while still in the levels of vanilla WoW, my friends list was filled to the brim. Everyone who helped me, I wish to say thanks. You made my hippy night elf into someone who can actually dps. From my awesome guildleader Elfame, to any random person who responded to my call for help, you all rock! If it weren’t for you, I’d still be in Shadowglen, asking: “Wait… how do I accept a quest?”


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