Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: A Picture Tells a Thousand Words

This week’s shared topic on Blog Azeroth was suggested by me! The questline of Pamela Redpath is one of the most memorable things I have ever encountered in WoW. So, I thought that it definitely deserved some art. After all, Cranius made a song about it! The least I can do is make a picture.




Nenunial- Draenei Death Knight

Reinata- Night Elf Huntress

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10 Responses to Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: A Picture Tells a Thousand Words

  1. I like. That’s a heart-breaking quest line.

  2. Erinys says:

    That’s amazing. The quest line always makes me cry so I’m glad to see little Pamela getting a hug from someone at last.

    • Nenunial says:

      Aww thanks! I always wish I could just give her a hug, so thanks to about a million pictures from modelviewer all put together, I can finally give her a hug. πŸ˜€

  3. Anaia says:

    What an amazing pic. And thanks for the fabulous topic.

  4. FeralTree says:

    Great pic – I remember that questline well. All of the ghost quests out in the plaguelands were quite sad.
    Great topic too!

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  6. Emilie says:

    I’m a bit confused seeing as I don’t play warcraft i guess nenunial could you explain the picture to me? It’s beautiful but I don’t really understand it.

    • Nenunial says:

      Sure Emilie! πŸ˜€
      I’ll try my best to explain in terms that you might understand.
      The Eastern Plaguelands were once part of a shining human Kingdom by the name of Lordaeron. Demons, trying to corrupt the world, turned to this kingdom. They corrupted the grain, killing the people and turning them into zombies. One small town, by the name of Darrowshire, came under attack by these undead. Though they fought bravely, the defenders and civilians were eventually slaughtered.

      Now, the town remains in ruins, and few ever discover it by accident. In it, the ghost of a small girl, Pamela Redpath, still waits for her father to return from the battle. If you speak with her, she asks that you find her dolly, and her family members. The most sad thing about this is that she doesn’t realize that she is dead.
      Questing in this area, especially as a death knight, one of those who caused this once fertile land to wither, and to murder these people, really was quite a somber experiance. When I wandered into Darrowshire, with this small child as a quest giver, I really felt sad. I’m not sure what the chances of me finding this tiny town purely by accident, while playing as a ‘reformed’ villain, are.

      I always wanted to give the child a hug, so sorry do I feel.

      Hope that explains it! πŸ™‚

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