Photoshop: The new Lich QUEEN!

I was just thinking about how unfair it was that Fordragon got to be the Lich King. I mean, come on! All he ever did was stand right beside Onyxia!

Now Sylvanas, that’s the perfect character to take up Frostmourne. Out of all major lore characters, she’s the one who’s had to take the worst of Arthas’ sissy fits.

Then I thought, “Hey, I wanna have Frostmourne! Shiny!”

So I drew a picture.

And now you know that I have brown hair. Shocking, isn’t it?




Nenunial- Draenei Death Knight

Reinata- Night Elf Huntress

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3 Responses to Photoshop: The new Lich QUEEN!

  1. Crokar says:

    very nice

  2. Very nice, I like how you have combined multipul pictures.

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