Photoshop: Valaryn Alda’viel 2


I wanted to do a picture of my Aelyria character, Valaryn. I ended up just doing this line art, and attempted the coloring. The drawing consists of so few colors, that she didn’t end up looking very cool.

I spent a while on it, so I decided that I might as well put it up here. I’m going to continue and try (again!) to color it, but I’m not sure if it will turn out better this time.


Meh, I’m still not too pleased with the result. Something looks wrong to me, but I just cannot figure it out. Help!




Nenunial- Draenei Death Knight

Reinata- Night Elf Huntress

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4 Responses to Photoshop: Valaryn Alda’viel 2

  1. PVE Rogues says:

    It’s looking good to me, you definitely have talent with your sketches. Not sure how much I can help here being a learner myself in this field 😛 However, I would highly reccommend taking some life drawing classes (if you can) because they really help. I used to do them myself and they were great for my artwork, I want to go do more but I’ve run out of leisure funds at the moment. 😦

    Apart from that you should search the tinterwebs for photoshop tutorials and go through them. You can pick up a variety of little tips and tricks to store away for future use like this.

    Honestly what I would absolutely *love* to do is kidnap one of your sketches and make it in illustrator. They would make great cell shader artwork! 😛

  2. Nenunial says:

    Thanks super much! Hmm, I’ll look into getting some classes then.

    Will do, lemme go and search the web for some tips.

    Well, I can give you some line art, and you can color, if you want! 😀

    • PVE Rogues says:

      Sure if you don’t mind me kidnapping some of your work 😛

      • Nenunial says:

        Why don’t I give you a couple of new sketches, and then you could color? That way there’s new pictures for both of us to post on our blogs. 😀

        Of course I don’t mind! As long as you credit me for the line art, it’s perfectly fine! 😀

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