Commission: Crokar

I’m not sure if it’s really a commission, since I don’t charge, but I have absolutely NO idea about what to call it. So, I’ll just continue to call pictures made for friends, ‘commissions’.

Anyways, I finished this picture a while ago, but forgot to post it. Crokar already got a copy, but I wanted to just post it up here.

In case you didn’t know who Crokar is… He’s the guy in the picture. Warlock extraordinaire, and one of my great friends.

If you like what you see, and want one of your own, please contact me! I can make a picture(Like this) or a banner/signature for the forums… or both! I love a good opportunity to photoshop things, so please give me some material to work with.

My email would be in the Contact Me section, but I’ll put it here anyways.




Nenunial- Draenei Death Knight

Reinata- Night Elf Huntress

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One Response to Commission: Crokar

  1. Crokar says:

    I am Crokar. Hello.

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