Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: The Explorer Task

This week, Jaedia of Blog Azeroth asked:

Last night, I had an idea for a shared topic that is a little bit different to your usual shared topic. I’ve posted about it here if you’d like a little more detail, but basically, the idea is to take your character out into Azeroth and Outlands, pick a few zones to visit, take a few screenshots maybe, tell us how your character reacts to their surroundings, explore the little bits of lore. It’s really quite open to your own interpretation, but it is an invitation to get out there and write about what you see.

Sometimes when levelling, we bypass things, be it the fallen Old God in Darkshore, or just the Murlocs on the coast. How often do you stop to look around and think?

Well, here it goes.

Darrowshire: The Eastern Plaguelands

“Dark whispers of the past lurk in the Plaguelands. I’ve seen things there that… I’ve seen things that I will never forget. That I cannot forget, no matter how much I wish I could. The memory that clings to me, the one I can never shake off, is one of Pamela Redpath. That small child once asked me a favor, her incorporeal hands trying to hold onto mine. ‘Where’s my dolly?’ she had asked, ‘Have you seen my daddy?’ The pain… The sorrow… In Darrowshire, they were almost tangible. You could still taste the fear in the air. You could hear the cries of the dying fade away into whispers. You could feel the death. I know from the Lich King’s banner that he had claimed this place long ago. But, what I do not know is, was I among the Scourge that attacked this place? Pamela rests peacefully now, but she would have forgiven me. Would I ever have been able to forgive myself?” – Nenunial Duskbringer, Death Knight

Zangarmarsh: Outland

“Memory is an odd thing. I grew up in Draenor, now called Outland. I was still a child when we crashed into Azeroth. I had not yet seen 19 winters, when I died at the hands of the Scourge. Yet, I still recognise the cool glow of the mushrooms. I still remember the paths along the mud, the ways to navigate through the mist. Zangarmarsh, for all of it’s beauty and wonder, is still a dangerous place. One wrong step will send you into the murky waters below.  But, I still call it home. I still yearn for the humid embrace it wraps me in, I yearn to traverse the marshes once again. Maybe, one day, after I have finished my duty in the frozen wastes of Northrend, I might return home.” – Nenunial Duskbringer, Death Knight

Howling Fjord: Northrend

“The harsh beauty of this land still thrills me, while it sends shivers down my spine. I’m not sure how long I stayed here as part of the Scourge, but I have no recollection of it. Sometimes I’ll see an oddly shaped rock, or some other landmark, and have a brief flash of a memory. As suddenly as it appears, the memories always fade, leaving me in an unfamiliar, yet all too familiar land. The essence of Northrend is so brutally lovely, that most dismiss it as a grey and drab place. I know better. In many other places in Azeroth, the beauty is soft and peaceful, like a sunset. Northrend, however, is like the sea. Calm one moment, she turns into a furious lover in the next. She is so striking, a beauty differing from the usual aesthetic. They say that when she is angry or sad, you can hear the wailing in the Fjord. As I came back to Northrend, sitting beside the railing of the ship, smelling the salty ocean, I heard the wailing. A shrill cry, so piercingly sweet, yet so frightening, that some of the crew even drew weapons! I remember smiling, as the towering cliffs of the Fjord approached us. Northrend beckoned. She was calling me back.” – Nenunial Duskbringer, Death Knight




Nenunial- Draenei Death Knight

Reinata- Night Elf Huntress

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3 Responses to Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: The Explorer Task

  1. Crokar says:

    i would do this but thats way too much typing for me.

  2. Nenunial says:

    Well, I did get a bit carried away. 😀

  3. Crokar says:

    not at all

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