Enough about the blog, let’s talk about me! :D

You could say that I’m a WoW addict. I started playing the game a long while back, 2006 I think it was? I was amazed by the game, and still am. I made my first character: Reinata the Night Elf Huntress. But, it wasn’t just me playing her, I was her. WoW was my escape from the real world, and every time I logged in, I became Reinata.

With much help, and over the course of an extremely long period of time, I got her up to level 55. I thought Death Knights were the absolute coolest thing, so I downloaded a WotLK trial, and stayed up all night watching the download.

I created Nenunial, who became my second twin. Where Reinata was cheerful, kindly, and loved questing in the great outdoors, Nenunial was totally different. She was unafraid, laughed in the face of death. She was bold, daring, and didn’t mind having an heated argument with someone in chat. Nenunial is/was the other side of me.

I haven’t played the game in nearly a year. WoW affected my entire life, and I decided that I needed a break. Now, I no longer have my escape from the real world, no longer have my safe haven, and brave Draenei to become. I’ll admit it, I think about it all the time. I want my game back, but know the perils of braving that adventure.

I know you’re probably thinking how crazy this sounds. I chose this right? Well, yes and no. I chose to get out of the house and enjoy life, but sometimes the cost seems too high. No matter how idiotic this sounds, I needed a way to get these feelings out.

Now I’m going to ask that you do me a favor. Just visit my blog every now and then. Comments make me endorphins, endorphins make me happy, and happy people just don’t (think of) killing (mobs).

Bonus points to whoever recognised that (slightly manipulated) quote.


Nenunial Duskbringer


Nenunial- Draenei Death Knight

Reinata- Night Elf Huntress

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2 Responses to Enough about the blog, let’s talk about me! :D

  1. Crokar says:

    i believe that was from legally blonde?

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